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The Soda Podcast brings forward different voices and perspectives to help find a common ground to solve the problems that many are facing when it comes to good data. This is a collection of conversations focused on data, and the tools, technologies, methodologies, and people that use it every day. 
The series now available is ‘The Data Dream Team’. Hear guests in conversation on the new approach needed to align how an organization and its people should be structured and organized around data. Visit for complementary content and resources.

Apr 21, 2022

Rob Winters, Senior Director of Data at TripActions, speaks with Jesse about how data shapes the customer experience at TripActions, the travel, corporate card, and expense management company. He shares the importance of having a team that is cross-trained and a few honest truths about working across international borders and cultures, and explains why, even with those challenges, he prizes his team’s diversity and works hard to ensure they never become just an echo chamber.