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The Soda Podcast brings forward different voices and perspectives to help find a common ground to solve the problems that many are facing when it comes to good data. This is a collection of conversations focused on data, and the tools, technologies, methodologies, and people that use it every day. 
The series now available is ‘The Data Dream Team’. Hear guests in conversation on the new approach needed to align how an organization and its people should be structured and organized around data. Visit for complementary content and resources.

Oct 11, 2022

Meet Kulani Likotsi, Head of Data Management and Data Governance at one of the big four African banks, headquartered in South Africa. Kulani’s career spans from being a developer and analyst in the technical team, and growing into the head of a team in the business. Get to know Kulani ahead of her conversation with Jesse, which will delve into her passion for data governance, data privacy, and people. 

From Soda, the provider of data reliability and data quality management platform to enable data teams to detect, resolve, and prevent data issues.