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The Soda Podcast brings forward different voices and perspectives to help find a common ground to solve the problems that many are facing when it comes to good data. This is a collection of conversations focused on data, and the tools, technologies, methodologies, and people that use it every day. 
The series now available is ‘The Data Dream Team’. Hear guests in conversation on the new approach needed to align how an organization and its people should be structured and organized around data. Visit for complementary content and resources.

Jul 27, 2022

Meet Brent Dykes, Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero, LLC. Brent has spent more than 15 years consulting in the analytics industry. As a former analyst, manager, and technology evangelist at companies such as Omniture, Adobe, and Domo, Brent has witnessed first-hand the challenges of communicating data effectively....

Jul 9, 2022

The first guests in conversation with host Maarten Masschelein are Mauricio Rodrigues and Tiago Andrade from americanas s.a. 

With more than 51 million e-commerce customers and 3,500 physical stores, americanas s.a. is Brazil’s leading retail innovation platform with a reputation for exceptional customer service and...

Jul 5, 2022

Meet Americanas, a Brazilian retailer born with the purpose of bringing together the best in the world to improve the daily lives of all Brazilian families. In this episode, Maarten is in conversation with Tiago Andrade, Head of Big Data, Analytics & AI, and Mauricio de Paula Rodrigues, Technology Manager....