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The Soda Podcast brings forward different voices and perspectives to help find a common ground to solve the problems that many are facing when it comes to good data. This is a collection of conversations focused on data, and the tools, technologies, methodologies, and people that use it every day. 
The series now available is ‘The Data Dream Team’. Hear guests in conversation on the new approach needed to align how an organization and its people should be structured and organized around data. Visit for complementary content and resources.

Dec 30, 2021

Our season finale welcomes Soda’s CEO and co-founder, Maarten Masschelein, to the guest seat to take a look back at the first Data Dream Team series. Jesse and Maarten will share a few of their favorite takeaways, lessons learned and how they apply them, and of course what makes a data dream team.

Dec 28, 2021

Maarten Masschelein is co-founder and CEO at Soda. Meet Maarten and hear how he thinks dream teams should be structured and organized to bring everyone closer to data.

Dec 16, 2021

We’ve turned the tables and placed Natasha in as host and put Jesse in the guest seat, to talk about his favorite chapter in his book. Jesse will share how to diagnose and fix the common challenges and misconceptions that can arise, on the journey to building high-performing and functional data teams.

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Dec 14, 2021

Host Jesse Anderson takes the guest seat to discuss diagnosing and fixing the common problems encountered when building your data dream team. Pulling on his experience and the favorite chapter in his book, Jesse will share the common solutions and the pitfalls to avoid when tackling the holy grail of big data.

Dec 9, 2021

Gwen Shapira, an engineering leader and author, shares how she leads and nurtures individuals to be motivated and energized to realize enormous potential. You’ll hear Gwen’s style as a smart, humble, and empathetic technical leader who builds and leads a strong team of brilliant engineers, who transform how...